Fabrication is the manufacturing process to design and build key components of a project before taking it to the field. North America Pipefitters fabrication shop utilizes a variety of value added processes under one roof including welding, cutting, forming and machining.

At North America Pipefitters, we work to identify key elements that are appropriate for prefabrication on all of the projects. We look for efficiencies in quality and schedule to ensure the best value possible. Our dedicated Fabrication Shop is staffed with full-time craftsman who are experts in their trade and follow a stringent quality process. Our team ensures what is drawn or modeled is built to specification.

From custom components, welded fabrication, and fully assembled systems, we utilize our CAD department to create shop drawings with precise measurements then move to the fabrication phase and finally the testing and installation of the final product.

All pipe  welding is performed in strict accordance to the standards of the American Welding Society (AWS) and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Each welder is individually tested to assure compliance and certification continuity is implemented every 6 months as well to satisfy AMI’s quality assurance (QA) quality control (QC) program.

North America Pipefitters can make any project completely pre-fabricated and mobile through our structural skid system. Mechanical rooms, boiler rooms, chilled/hot water pump skids, heat exchangers, and condenser rack farms are a few examples.  These systems are completely built in house and transported to the site with minimal field work.